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Eco friendly home furnishings and custom products for the home. Professional interior design services from single room to full designer homes. We guarantee a lasting impression. Visit our showroom in Mono, Ontario.

Showroom & Location | 508504 Hwy 89, Mono, Ontario, Canada
Hardwood & Softwood Lumber
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Canadian Made

We take great pride in being a locally sourced company, helping build up our region through small business

Natural Source

Our materials are strictly renewable. We follow all the necessary protocols to insure our products are sustainable

Luxurious and High Quality

Built to last, we work hard to ensure all our products are made using only the best materials available

Hardwood sourced from southwest Ontario

Earthwood Elements is a retail store that provides wood products not commonly found in other locations. Our hardwood products are sourced from our sawmill in southwest Ontario and all products are manufactured in Canada.

Browse through our selection of natural hardwood forest products and remind yourself of the abundance of this renewable resource!

One of our core strengths is our flexibility in the manufacturing processes due to our sawmill internal processes. We can even customize your own wood furniture and décor products.  If you wish to bring a personal product idea to life for your home or office, please consult with our interior designer.

Earthwood Elements retail store draws on the experience, expertise and sustainable forest practices of our related companies.

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