Hardwood & Softwood Lumber

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Purple HeartSoft Maple (White)Birdseye MaplePoplar
HickorySoft Maple (Ambrosia)Birdseye Maple (Cooked)Basswood
CherrySoft Maple (Curly)Ash (White) Zebrawood
White OakCurly MapleAsh (Cooked) Wengie
BirchWhite MapleWalnutQTD Sycamore
PaduakSpalted MapleWalnut (Curly)Mahogany
Purple HeartSoft Maple (White)
HickorySoft Maple (Ambrosia)
CherrySoft Maple (Curly)
White OakCurly Maple
BirchWhite Maple
PaduakSpalted Maple
PoplarBirdseye Maple
BasswoodBirdseye Maple (Cooked)
ZebrawoodAsh (White)
WengieAsh (Cooked)
QTD SycamoreWalnut
MahoganyWalnut (Curly)

Horse Fencing

White Oak 1 x 6 x 16′
Ash 1 x 6 x 16′

Live Edge Slabs

Kiln dried, width 20-60″ available

Walnut 10/4
White Oak 10/4
Ambrosia Maple 10/4

Live Edge & Oval Charcuterie Boards

Available rough, surfaced, and/or sanded

Ambrosia Maple 4/4
Walnut 4/4
Cherry 4/4


Timber Beams

Douglas Fir
White Oak
Reclaimed Sawn and Hand Hued Timbers
Fire Place Mantels
Reclaimed Hemlock 4/4 and 8/4 thickness’s

Eastern White Cedar

Decking 1¼ x 6 in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′
1 x 6 Rough Air Dried
1 x 8 Rough Air Dried
4 x 4 in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′
6 x 6 in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′
Clear Cedar
Landscape Timbers 3½ x 3½ x 8’ and 3½ x 4 x 8’

White Pine

Clear Pine 4/4 and 8/4
Board and Batten 1 x 10 in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′, 16′
Board and Batten 1 x 12 in lengths of 8′, 10′, 12′, 16′

Looking for something not on this list? We are able to procure special orders, please contact us!

Wood Shop Services

Surfacing • Sanding • Side Dressing • Edge Ripping • Laser Engraving

Vacuum Kiln Drying

Any thickness, any species
Capacity 2000 board foot per batch at 4/4 thickness
Hardwoods dried to 6 – 8% moisture
Softwoods dried to 11 – 12% moisture 

On Site Equipment

Joiner planner
Thickness planner
Scroll saw
Table saw
Band saw
Chop saw
Drum sander
Finish sander
C&C router
Router table
Drill press
Laser engraver

Engineered • Prefinished • Unfinished • Reclaimed • Square Edge

We offer full hardwood flooring solutions which include retail and wholesale purchasing, installation, and finishing. To view our full catalog of hardwood flooring, please visit our Black Bear Flooring website. We will still be able to fill or quote orders through our Earthwood Elements contact page.