About Us

Why We Are Special

EARTHWOOD ELEMENTS was born from the love of trees. The beauty of our forests has inspired generations of people to write stories, paint, find refuge and live with the bounty they provide us.

We easily take for granted the primary life sustaining gift of the forest – the science of photosynthesis that uses sun’s energy to create oxygen so we can breathe. Trees also provide us tissue to cry on, paper to write on, medicine to live longer, rubber for our tires,  lumber for our houses, mulch for our gardens, and even oil and gas from forest decomposition over millions of years. The miracle of these gifts is that with sustainable forest practices, all of this is completely renewable!

My passion for trees led me to pursue a bachelor of science in forestry. For 35 years I have followed recommended practices to harvest trees and process wood into home products that are beautiful.  EARTHWOOD ELEMENTS is a further refinement of this process using modern technology to create artful home products that will last beyond your lifetime. I invite you to visit us at our store in Rosemont and allow us to show you the beauty of wood.

“EARTHWOOD ELEMENTS is all about showcasing the natural beauty of wood in its many forms. Most of our products come from our sawmill and others, like or reclaimed products, come from southwestern Ontario and local artisans. We are experts on all things wood, developed over decades of experience in the foresting industry. It is one of the best renewable resources on our planet and when managed well, we enjoy it’s bounty for generations. Let us show you what is possible, hope to see you at our showroom!”

John Melnick, Founder